Company History

We have understood the importance of your work for more than 50 years.

A story willed into being by enologist Clemente Vassanelli's passion for the land.

It was during the '60s-'70s when Clemente concluded his studies at the prestigious Enological School of Conegliano - G.B. Cerletti - and began to follow the evolution in quality of venetian oenology, making a professional contribution to improving quality at the expense of the quantity produced. from there, he first became a wine cellar technician, then oenology teacher and finally the owner of a consulting and research centre, today a market leader, known as the Enocentro, now the wine & spirits division of Vassanelli Lab.

From 2000 to the present day, thanks to the sons Roberto, Giuseppe and Giancarlo the laboratory has shown great dynamism and is continually growing and developing. testament to this are the research projects and technological innovations that have made it possible, first of all, to develop the Agrifood division for the management of the Agribusiness sector analyses.

Vassanelli Laboratory:
a constant presence on the territory from the Aosta Valley to the Islands!

Company History

Technical professionalism, analytical precision and objectivity.

The Vassanelli Lab gives particular attention to research, development and innovation in addition to obtaining and maintaining the specific certifications and authorisations necessary to operate in the food and vegetables sector, including organic methods of production.

The objective shared by Roberto, Giuseppe, Giancarlo and the Vassanelli Lab team is the same as it has always been, and that which Clemente Vassanelli so strongly desired: to guarantee technical professionalism, analytical precision and objectivity, always. furthermore the will to succeed in offering laboratory services and tests at a favourable quality / price ratio is guaranteed by the continuous investments in Research & Development.

Vassanelli Lab, thanks to the high specialisation of its divisions and the increasing professionalism acquired, has obtained important recognitions over time as testimony to its operations, guaranteeing the Customer's peace of mind.


Roberto Vassanelli
Sales Manager

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A certified laboratory

Vassanelli Lab operates to maximum safety and quality standards, confirmed by the major italian and european certification bodies. READ HERE

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For more than 50 years Vassanelli Lab has been giving great importance to your work, enhancing your products with qualitative analyses that represent the fruit of much experience accumulated in the sector. READ HERE